Starting Something New

For the past eight years I have worked diligently trying to perfect my skills as a photographer. Step by step my skills increased and now photography is almost instinctual. Once that happened I found myself wanting a new challenge. With the help of a new SLR camera that takes stills along with video, I decided to give video a try. As I did with photography, I enrolled in classes and began to read what I could on the topic. I have a long ways to go before I will satisfy myself on my ability, but at least I have taken the leap. The most difficult decision is to shoot video or stills at any given moment. Then comes the editing, but at least it is more fun to edit a video than 3,000 still shots.

It was tempting to not share any of my videos until I felt they were of high quality, but then, I would have missed out on showing my growth.  So here is my first attempt.  It’s a 4 and half minutes video about Madagascar. It is interesting how it shows a place in a whole different light from still images. Check them out and see how you feel. Will you like video or stills better?

Madagascar video link:

Here is the link to my still images from the same trip:


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